KLIMOSZ KOMFORT - the highest model of the controller, it supports: 2x 4-way valves, 2x C.H. pumps, H.U.W. pump, circulation pump, 2 heating circuits, 2 room thermostats, outdoor temperature sensor and enables cooperation with the fireplace.

The controller controls the central heating installation with a boiler featuring an automated fuel feeder. The PID algorithm applied enables operation with automatic boiler work modulation – the required amount of heat is generated, and therefore the combustion process is uniform (there are no rapid changes of temperature in the combustion chamber or the stack), more effective and guarantees a longer service life of the heating installation. The controller controls the work of the fan, the HUW (Hot Utility Water) loading pump and two circuits CH1 (Central Heating) and CH2 equipped with mixing valves and room thermostats, as well as the work of the circulation pump.  

Klimosz Mobile App is free to download and use, and it is available for Android and iOS system platform.

Compatible only with KLIMOSZ KOMFORT controller

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