Brennstoff: Kohle

The cast-iron heat exchanger of the highest quality Italian cast-iron. 

Estimated life of up to 25 years! Boiler wall thickness up to 12mm. 34% greater reliability, heat output and heat exchange, while at the same time higher performance per article than in competition. The largest boiler fill hole contains one of the largest fill holes in the 40x36cm market (up to 53% larger than the competition) to burn larger pieces of wood.

Top-quality performance. The high quality is also proven by precision door handle for safe and comfortable operation even after many years of use. Soft door seal provides excellent tightness (prevents the release of smoke from the boiler), door insulation is made of durable material (vermiculite), reducing heat losses to the environment and massive curtains provide sufficient durability against the fall of the door after several years of use.

Insulation - reduces heat losses to the environment from the renowned ROCKWOOL manufacturer.

The secondary air intake is suitable especially for the method called: "upper combustion".

Small boiler dimensions allow installation in small boiler rooms. Easy installation thanks to the 2" threaded flange at the top of the boiler.


-     removable ashtray
-     thermometer
-     safety valve
-     drain valve 
-     cleaning kit: brush + poke


-     Air intake regulator
-     Controller KLIMOSZ PID + DM85 fan
-     Controller ST-24 + DM85 fan
-     Controller ST-28 + DM85 fan

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